Whether you are the manager of a shop, a bookstore, or a publisher, it would be very interesting to discover the currently trending and new selling technique that is: On demand printing.

There are many benefits to on demand printing. Indeed, thanks to this brand new printing mode you can directly print the orders you receive, just after the payment.

Thus, whether it is one or ten texts, articles, or e-book (depending on the product you sell) you can always print the exact amount you need.

Print on demand aka POD

Print on demand, often simplified as POD, is a term that you have probably already heard of, especially if you are accustomed to the field of online commerce.

On Demand printing is above all characterized as being practical. Such practicality stems from the fact that this printing process is managed by a machine. Thus, each text is produced one by one, separately.

Through on-demand printing, your orders are printed directly and immediately after payment, whether it is one or 100 items.

This is possible because this printing process is entirely computer-controlled and each item is produced one by one.

The on demand printing process can be summarized as: your digital file is directly saved on powerful servers and it only takes the customer to place an order to initiate the printing process.

Thus allowing you to get a profit from the very first copy!

Concretely, it allows you to meet the needs of your customers in a precise way, that avoids printing mistakes and without wasting any printing resources, therefore reducing the overall cost.

Printing books on demand

If you want good feedback from your customers and are willing to increase your reputation, it is strongly advised to choose an excellent printer service on the market for your on demand printing.

As such, it is recommended to opt for high-quality printing machines that would allow for consistent and high-value printing results. This will grant you the recognition of your customers and allow you to attract a loyal and satisfied customer base.

For example, if you are a self-publishing writer, or if you are a bookseller, your customers can order online or in-store and then you can start the on demand printing process.

On demand printing grants you the flexibility that conventional printing lacks. You can, if you have, for instance, only one book to print this week, avoid printing an entire collection and end up with a useless stock that would require further storage and is not guaranteed to be sold.

The main advantage of on demand printing when it comes to books is that publishing is inexhaustible. Whether it is now or in several years, your works will always be available.

The shortage of stock is non-existent since the stock itself does not exist either. A smart server will keep the digital files of your book saved indefinitely.

Thus, you only need to initiate the on demand printing process to obtain an identical reproduction, even if the production of two copies of the same book are years apart.