If you are in this post, you have likely read about the benefits of name cards for your business. 

Well, we have to say that all those articles were right. Name cards have become very powerful tools for the growth and success of companies for various reasons. 

However, there are certain aspects to pay close attention to when it comes to designing and printing them. 

Do you want to get yours but still have doubts? Do not worry! Today we bring precious information about name card printing and some tips for obtaining name cards of the highest quality and efficiency. 

You Can Print Name Cards in Several Ways. 

Just as you read! Technological evolution has also brought advances in printing techniques. 

That means that now there are many alternatives for you to print your name cards, including different styles, shapes, and even sizes. 

If you want your name cards to be modern, you can use an unusual and original shape, such as those with rounded edges. We have seen some a bit riskier with smartphone shapes! 

Let your creativity fly and experiment with printing name cards in different ways until you find the perfect one. 

You Must Do Print Tests. 

We all want to get to the printing phase. 

After spending so much time designing our dreams' name cards, what we most want to do is have them printed to see what our creation looks like. 

But Impatience Can Get Us in Trouble! 

If you have already designed your name card, the next thing you should do is not print but check if everything is fine and do tests to make sure you get the desired result. 

Print a card before printing in bulk and check if the data is correct, the typography looks good, and if the colors are according to your strategy, image and preferences. 

This last point is essential, as colors tend to distort a bit in print. 

Ask your print service provider to do a test print or use a personal printer to do it yourself. It will help you avoid expensive mistakes! 

You Can Use Textures. 

Very few people know this, but advances in printing techniques also allow printing with unique textures and coatings. 

You can emboss letterpress, foil stamping for glossy finishes, or use spot UV coating. 

We are entirely sure that you will find the perfect technique to have unique, original, and surprising name cards! 

You Must Think About the Customers. 

You can have a great design, but the name cards should be printed so that clients can keep them in their pockets or drawers in the office. 

Even if you pay attention to all the design details and follow our printing advice, everything can go wrong if the texture, size, or shapes of your name cards are not right. 

This means that, before printing, it is essential that you analyze and test if the size and format you chose for your name cards favor one of its main objectives: that customers have information about your company or business at hand. 

Final Thoughts. 

As we mentioned, name cards have become very useful tools for all companies and businesses. 

The more you know about it, the better the company namecard you create for your business will be. Put our tips into practice and get the most out of them!