There are millions of types of stickers all over the world, and this is no coincidence! They are so versatile that they have become excellent tools for growing brands and businesses! 

Stickers can turn anything simple into a wholly original piece. Just imagine a basic notebook with stickers from your favorite series. 

It would look completely different and original, right? 

We were used to seeing stickers in our day-to-day. Some people even have the hobby of collecting stickers of all kinds. 

The stickers can be found in sweets, drinks, packages, in the mail, beauty products, toys, and the internet. 

The world is full of stickers, and believe us, there will be many more, especially if we consider how beneficial they are. 

Importance of Stickers. 

Large companies recognized worldwide use labels and stickers on their products since they describe the brand with simple details that are mostly customer-friendly and are so striking that they can attract the public. 

Besides, they can significantly promote brand advertising. It is because they are elements that remain with people for a long time and transmitting specific messages quickly and accurately. 

Stickers Printing. 

After knowing all the benefits of stickers, many entrepreneurs and business owners design their own. 

If this is your case and you need to print them but you don't know what or how to do them, we also have valuable information. 

You may think that printing stickers is difficult, but it is not - although you must consider certain aspects before printing them, such as the paper and the color format. 

Materials for Printing Stickers. 

For special sticker printing, you need a  paper called adhesive paper. As its name says, it sticks to surfaces because it has glue. 

The adhesive paper has two sides. One is where the print goes and the other, which is usually white, has the glue. 

There is a kind of adhesive paper for each type of printing. There is a sticky paper option for printing with ink, another for laser, and so on. 

Some companies use a weather-resistant UV varnish printing adhesive that is ideal for outdoor use. 

Others use a 90 µm white or transparent PVC material of the best quality and the highest printing technology. 

And, of course, the use of a PVC or some other will depend on the surface where it is glued. 

Other Considerations. 

Color: When printing, you must change the color format from RGB to CMYK to make it look good. 

Design: You have the option of printing yourself or hiring a specialized service for this. Many companies offer quality stickers printing services. 

Needs: Do you need your stickers to be resistant to environmental factors such as the weather? Were your stickers designed to be used outside? 

Format: You should ask the printer what format you should use to send the stickers, although usually the files must be sent in JPG or PDF format with 2 millimeters of indentation and at a resolution of 300 dpi. 

Final thoughts. 

And there is much more to learn! As we have mentioned repeatedly, stickers can be very useful for companies and brands. So, knowing this information can be beneficial to you. 

Try these tips and tell us about your experience!