The development of a descriptive picture that tells a story conveys an emotion or atmosphere, is a digital illustration. Using techniques such as watercolors, traditional drawings are made on paper or cardboard, while digital portraits are created using applications such as Adobe Photoshop. 

What is an Illustrator Doing? 

What is Illustration Digital? For What Reason is it Used? 

The role of the Digital Illustrator is to produce a customer's original image (e.g. for a publisher, movie/game developer, publicity agency, etc.), usually to either promote or send a message to a consumer. This is a sub-dimension of graphic design services. 

Usually, the procedure includes receiving a creative brief from a customer or manager, conducting analysis and gathering reference materials, producing and uploading the first pass, modifying the image according to customer notes as required (if applicable), and presenting the completed image. 

Illustrators have several different career options to pursue. There is also the option between freelance, contract, or in-house jobs (for example, at a video game studio or a toy company). 

While graphic design service providers always collaborate with illustrators, nowadays, freelance or project-based working style is also commonly seen. We briefly mentioned diverse and niche areas to work for illustrators besides graphic design service. 

Film: A movie studio may want images to represent a battle between a hero and a villain or to make those feelings felt by the viewer (sad, happy, scared, etc.). 

Video Games: To show the artistic aspect of the game, an artist can be asked to create a scenario. Publishing: To catch the customer's interest and help promote the product, a publisher may request a cover page or illustration. 

Advertising: To promote an advertisement, event, or commodity, an advertising agency can ask for poster or flyer printing designs.