What is the Difference Between Illustration and Drawing? 

Drawing refers to art's core. Someone needs to know how to draw even before the artist draws his illustrations. 

How Does Illustration Vary From Concept Art? 

The idea of what the character or setting would look like is concept art. An instance is when you placed all these elements to tell a story in a single picture. There is a lot of similarities, but there is also a gap between the two. The front and back of the costume or weapon of a Marvel hero can, for instance, be concept art. To tell a story, illustration can be described as putting together a hero and a villain in a single picture. 

Tips to Become an Illustrator 

1. Learn the Principles of Drawing Art 

You need to study the fundamentals of art and work in the area of graphic design services to be a great illustrator. Start from the bottom and create a strong base in art by watching digital illustration videos online, reading art books, or taking a course. 

2. Practicing 

If you plan to build your career in digital illustration, you need to schedule your daily working hours. To remain where they are or even to progress, even the best artists practice for hours. Test new methods for digital illustration, explore with various tools and continue to refine your work. 

3. Build a Portfolio 

With just your finest work, build a good portfolio. Place it on your website or a forum like Rookies or Artstation and make sure your social accounts and CV are linked to your portfolio so that people know where to find it. Be compliant with your current job standard and add more work to your portfolio. When you build a new company, keep adding it to your portfolio.