What is a Display Easel Stand?: Part 1

An easel as we all know is an upright support used for displaying and/or fixing something resting upon it, traditionally it's employed by painters to support a painting while they work thereon, normally standing up but sometimes while they sit, and also are sometimes accustomed display finished paintings. It is typically made up of wood, although new materials and styles are available. Nowadays, easels are typically made of wood, aluminium, or steel. 

There are 3 sorts of easel stand design, here are a number of them:

1. Tripod designs.
True to their name, is based on three legs. Some designs include an independent mechanism to allow for the vertical adjustment of the working plane without sacrificing the sturdiness of the legs of the easel or crossbars to make the easel more stable.

2. H-Frame 
The designs are supported right angles. All posts are generally parallel to every other with the bottom of the easel being rectangular. The main, front portion of the easel consists of two vertical posts with horizontal crossbar support, giving the planning the final shape of an 'H'. A variation uses additions that allow the easel's angle with relevancy to the bottom to be adjusted.

3. Multiple purpose designs 
It incorporates improved tripod and H-frame features with extra multiple adjustment capabilities such as horizontal and vertical adjustment of the working plane and finite rotational.

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