What is a Display Easel Stand?: Part 2


Of course, there are more than one type of easels, here are some of the differences between each easel stands


Artists' easels usually are fully adjustable to assist for different angles. Most have the built-in rubbered edges on the feet to prevent sliding. They are collapsible and small enough to fit in small spaces around the studio. The simplest form of an artist's easel is the tripod design, it consists of three vertical posts joined at one end, just like a tripod for your camera.


Paint stations are meant as a more stationary easel. These are usually equipped with various holsters, slots, and supporting platforms to accommodate painting types of equipment such as buckets, brushes, and canvases. It can be broken down for easy cleaning and storage.


Children's easels are intended to be more durable. They are typically shorter than standard easels and usually come equipped with dry erase boards or chalkboards attached.


Display easels are for display purposes and are meant to enhance the presentation of a painting or a sign, it usually much lighter than usual easels because of their sole purpose.


Facilitation easels are for receiving audience or participant input and are meant to involve the audience with the content.


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