Are you mainly interested in the artistic and drawing aspect of graphic design and less in the organizational aspects of campaigns? Then maybe the profession of concept artist or storyboard artist or illustrator would be something for you!  

The main thing is to implement the first ideas in a storyboard, which then serves as the basis for implementing the concept. While the term was originally mainly known from film and television, such storyboards are used by advertising agencies and generally for all campaigns. 

Storyboards are the visual basis for films, sports, and campaigns. So if you are primarily concerned with drawing and enjoy putting concrete designs on paper, this would also be a good option.  

Illustrator Designer in Our Society 

The media and design industry has been booming in the USA for several years. Or can you say with a clear conscience that you don't know anyone who has studied or works at a graphic design agency? 

But you have to be careful not to get lost in the mainstream. These courses of study and training are so popular that there are always quite many graduates, and it is easy to find yourself caught in the internship/traineeship/volunteer trap. Numerous agencies benefit from inexperienced graphic designers as cheap labor. 

If you are aware of this fact, you may not be able to completely avoid taking on such a position at the beginning (you have to start somewhere), but you are at least sensitized and do not get stuck in such a low-wage job. 

A great way not to get lost in the crowd is (as in most areas) to specialize! Leave the monotony of advertising, communication, websites, etc., behind you and use the new media and technologies to offer targeted services with added value! 

What Illustrators Work With 

How about, for example, 3D animation, visual effects (VFX), or game animation? Professionally, it goes in a slightly different direction than classic graphic design, but that's exactly what makes creative minds so: that they are open to new things and are not afraid to leave the beaten path and develop themselves personally and professionally.

In contrast to math tuition or piano lessons, when it comes to graphic design, you tend not to get the idea of ​​hiring a private teacher or coach. I mean, why not? 

A private graphic design coach can give you feedback on this gift and provide individual support and support. She certainly also has tips and tricks on what you can do if you have a creative block or knows someone who knows someone who could help you with a certain project. 

However, if you already have a certain level of graphic design skill and the task now is to work out your very own style, create original logo design and thus stand out from the crowd, professional feedback is worth its weight in gold!