Are you wondering what exactly a graphic designer is? Well, first of all, it should be noted that the terms are largely used as synonyms. A logo designer may be a little more specific than a graphic designer, but in the end, it is the same profession these days. 

What is a Graphic Designer? 

"Graphic designer" and "graphic artist" usually mean the same profession.  

A designer is the umbrella term, whereby one often thinks of fashion designers or product designers. So the first part of the compound noun makes all the difference! 

The simple definition of graphics is someone who is being artistic, especially graphic, by using certain processes that enable prints and reproductions. 

As a result of the definition of graphic design, this is a subsection of graphics; it reads: "The area of ​​graphics that can be created using images, photography, typography, etc. converts certain information content into a visual language or visual signs." 

Graphic Designer Responsibilities 

With that, we would have defined the areas. But what exactly does a graphic designer do in practice? Communication is always important. It's about conveying messages or triggering something specific in the viewer. 

You work with: 

  • Images 
  • photos 
  • Colors 
  • Writing elements (typography) 
  • Shapes 
  • And much more. 

You deal with them to give a certain design product (poster, website, TV advertisement, advertisement, corporate logo, etc.) a very specific identity and function. 

If you work for a corporate business, the term corporate identity also plays an important role. If you are hired as a graphic designer for a company, the corporate identity must run through all logos, print products, the website, etc. 

So it is not only important to be able to draw well, but you also have to have the ability and creativity to develop entire concepts or campaigns! 

Because graphic design slumbers everywhere: in logos, on signs and boards, posters, flyers and brochures, packaging, album and book covers, and so on.  

The Skills You Need As a Graphic Designer 

As a graphic designer, you work in all possible print products and digitally (websites, etc.). Apart from the obvious knowledge that is necessary for graphic design (e.g., working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator), you need the following skills to be successful in your profession: 

  • No problem with deadlines and "creativity on-demand." 
  • Stress resistance 
  • Teamwork 
  • Flexibility 
  • No problem with putting your creativity at the service and under the requirements of the customers 
  • Openness to further training and new things 

Among other things, you need digital assets management tools. The image management software or digital asset management systems (DAM) such as move your files to a location that the entire team can access.  

Images, videos, and documents can be searched here, downloaded in any format, integrated into common software (such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign), and easily shared internally and externally.  

Even approval processes can be mapped, and all colleagues always have the latest version at hand and always know immediately what a file may and may not be used for. 

Of course, this creative profession of a graphic designer is constantly evolving. So you have to keep your eyes and ears open and be able to welcome new developments. If that is the case, you have a bright future in this area!