Red Name Cards  

A company with red name cards is aggressive and enthusiastic. Since red attracts attention and stimulates obstacle detection, it is indeed a good choice for fast-food restaurants and other companies that need pace and execution. It connotes rage, hostility, and vengeance on the flipside.  

Green Name Cards 

Green cards represent harmony, stability, prosperity, and expansion. Life, wellbeing, and wellness, as well as the world, are all synonymous with green, and so is a feeling of compassion and nurturing for everyone.

The darker greens are frequently favored by the community at large and her wealthier members, and they send out a message of competence and prosperity formation. 

Yellow Name Cards  

Yellow namecard are informative and mentally relaxing. Yellow is associated with rationality, but it is also cheerful and optimistic. It helps us make better decisions by stimulating our cognitive capacity.

Yellow is an excellent color for mental contact, making it ideal for technologists, authors, students, actors and musicians, and buffoons. 


You have had the different colors and their meaning to clients and also the bearer, so make sure you can choose the right color for your name card to stand out.