Request Proof of Performance 

SEO is a complex field in which companies can quickly lose track of things. To understand which specific services an SEO agency provides, it should work as transparently as possible. Business owners should always know which services the agency provides and which working hours or by performance. 

Check Duration 

SEO costs and duration vary depending on the effort and scope of a project. Companies should only enter into a term of 12 or even 24 months if it is comprehensive, permanent SEO support. You should also check what notice periods an SEO agency has. 3 months at the end of the term are already considered very long. 

In principle, companies should instead agree on a fair minimum term and then enter into medium-term extensions with the agency. This makes it easy for both sides to plan search engine optimization. 

Final Thoughts 

SEO costs cannot be defined across the board. They are closely linked to a company's goals and thus to the effort involved in SEO support. For smaller companies with a limited budget, it makes sense to use an SEO agency as a consultant and build up their own skills in SEO.  

Larger companies can have the entire SEO system and an agency take over the complete SEO marketing in the long term and establish themselves with Google in the long term.