For those of us who are immersed in the wonderful world of SEO, we know the work of this profile and its importance. For those who do not, you should know that an excellent search engine has a human team in addition to the algorithm.  

Low-quality content website: This is no surprise. It does not matter if you have little content, poorly written text, or little useful. Having low-quality content is  the same as a business card printing which implies a first impression. 

Web with insufficient content: It does not mean that short content cannot be of good quality. But if with 3 sentences, it does not give you to adequately explain what you state in the title of your article, and to be honest, you could use a couple of more paragraphs. It would be best if you rethought to enlarge it. Remember: "insufficient content is not SEO Friendly." 

The website's author does not have sufficient knowledge about the page's subject matter, and the website does not have enough authority to address the subject. In other words, the website lacks EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust): Again, Google loves people with authority on specific topics. If the website does not meet the EAT characteristics (Experience, Authority, Trust), it can be considered low quality. 

The website has a negative reputation: This is where online reputation analysis comes into play. You must make sure you have a good reputation for your website. It is not a question of obsessing over a negative review (almost all businesses have them). Still, if you receive too many, it can mean that they evaluate your page negatively. 

Supplemental content is distracting or of little help to your page theme: Don't overwhelm your visitors with too many ads, especially if they are epileptic videos or animations. Google wants testers to ignore ads if they are not helpful. And insist, don't disguise your ads as content.