Are There Any Differences In Perception Between The Sexes? 

Women tend to feel lonely, but it is only statistically proven when people are viewed in partnership. When singles are surveyed, there are hardly any differences between women and men. 

Are Older People Especially Often Lonely? 

Loneliness affects senior citizens, but above all, as current Weleda trend research has shown, younger people.

For younger people, this is when they leave their familiar surroundings after school for an apprenticeship or study, change their place of residence for work or go abroad.  

If everything is strange and different, it isn't easy to find new friends and confidants at first.

A new chapter in life begins for people in their mid-40s as soon as the children are out of the house or become more independent.  

How To Get Rid Of Loneliness 

There are many ways out of solitude. It's not always easy at the beginning. Openness is particularly important for this.  

It pays to be active yourself. The following tips from American psychologist John Cacioppo can help you feel less lonely. 

  • Expand the radius of action: approach people again in small steps, with simple conversations at the garden fence, a smile at the supermarket checkout. Feel positive reactions and draw courage from them. 
  • Get active: look for a club, take on an honorary position and experience that you are needed, and make a difference. 
  • Expect the best: think positively, have hope, experience appreciation.