Tangential content is website content with only a small point of contact with your brand or your product. In other words, instead of promoting your product directly, create content on topics that are only indirectly related to it. In a sense, Tangential Content is deliberately targeting the actual sales aspect. 

But why? There are many good reasons for this, which we will go into in more detail later. However, one can say that Tangential Content ensures that a reader automatically creates a connection between your brand and, ideally, very useful, informative, or entertaining content. Instead of being bombarded with advertising, the user receives real added value through your content. 

A Fundamental Problem for Many Companies 

Unfortunately, many companies write much more "for the boss" than for the actual target group. Because at first glance, many bosses see content as useless as soon as it does not directly relate to the product or brand. 

But unfortunately, that is too short-sighted, because let's be honest: Who likes to read a cheesy flyer printing advertising copy like "You have this problem? Then our product is just there!"  

What reason should someone have to believe your company of all people? He will probably get this promise from every other provider. 

To gain the trust of potential customers, tangential content has now established itself in almost all industries. The trick is not to market yourself too obviously and provide the reader with real and ad-free added value. 

If you do not follow this trend, you will hardly be able to assert yourself against your competition in the long term and reach your target group on a large scale. 

Why is Tangential Content Preferable to Branded Content? 

Branded content hasn't done very well in this article so far. But of course, you shouldn't throw brand-related content completely overboard now. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes.  

Ultimately, an SEO content strategy should always consist of a healthy mix of branded and tangential content, with meaningful content with a clear added value for the reader predominating. For the following reasons: