Greater Trust & More Authenticity 

This point cannot be stressed enough because it simply has such a big impact and is often disregarded. A contribution with the core statement, "This product is purely by chance the best!"  

Does not precisely create trust with a potential customer. He is more likely to be skeptical and frustrated because he has not experienced any real added value while reading. 

An informative, practical, and solution-oriented article with valuable tangential content, on the other hand, is guaranteed to remain a positive memory for a reader. In this way, you create the basis for more trust with potential customers and automatically improve your standing with Google in terms of SEO.  

By the way: A healthy variety also ensures more authenticity in your content. Writing about the same topic repeatedly can be frustrating, and over time it makes the texts less and less attractive.  

With Tangential Content, you can always touch on new and exciting topics without boredom, and the SEO rankings suffer as a result. 

Facilitated Backlink Building 

In addition to the pure content, backlinks also have a considerable influence on your SEO rankings. But have you ever tried to outreach with extreme branded content?  

If so, then you probably know how tedious it is. Not a big surprise because you would probably not easily link to highly promotional content on your website either. 

It looks very different when you can offer content that contains valuable information for a specific target group. This increases your chances of getting backlinks from more prominent blogs, highly regarded on Google, many times over. In the best-case scenario, you will even be linked automatically. 

Increasing the Range 

Perhaps you are in a relatively small niche and so far only target a relatively narrow target group with your content. What kind of effects do you think you can achieve by publishing tangential content from now on?  

For the first time, you will reach readers who would never have found you on their own and build trust there early on. You can continue expanding your target group as you wish. 

In addition, with high-quality tangential content, you will surely outdo one or the other competitor. As already mentioned, many companies are still strongly convinced of classic brand or product-related content. This is your chance to break away!