4. Only Your Homepage Should Be Included. 

What is the point of putting your website address on the name cards? It's not just to brag about having one. It is incredibly relevant to include at this time.

Please keep in mind that professional name card aim to persuade customers to do business with you. You want to draw potential clients to your website so that they can visit it right away. 

5. Specializations and Skills 

They're familiar with your name and place. They've had their hands on your website. But do they recognize what you are doing just by looking at you?

Potential clients must understand precisely what you can do for them if you'd like a business partnership. 

6. Profiles on Social Media 

Both conventional and virtual companies have now become reliant on social media channels. You simply wouldn't exist in the minds of specific prospects when you're not on media platforms. 


Do not forget to make use of the empty spaces. Actually, blank space is so critical that it is given its bullet point mainly on the list. Have you ever seen a name card that was jam-packed with details?

Name cards aim to encourage prospective clients to interact with you, not to overload them.