What Are the Characteristics of a Strong Brand?  

The strength of the brand lies in its ability to renew itself, to be part of a perspective of sustainable development and innovation. The brand remains the best way to resist trivialization.    

However, no brand transformation without a deep knowledge of its genetic code. The latter remains the real invisible thread of all the changes of the brand.

It guarantees consistency with its positioning, whatever the point of contact, the format of sale or production. Therefore the first contacts with the brand are decisive in shaping a long-term image.   

However, the brand has one requirement: to grow while maintaining its relevance. It must maintain its ability to correspond to the needs, uses and attitudes of consumers while asserting its difference.

To achieve this goal, the brand will never stop creating and “maintaining its image with all its audiences, at each point of contact and in all conversations (Interbrand).         

What Is the Difference Between Brand Image and Brand Identity?  

As Jean Noel Kapferer states, “The image relates to the way in which an audience decodes all the signs coming from the products, services and communications issued by the brand”. In fact, this image will be dissected.

The public will thus extract the meaning and proceed to an interpretation of the signs. The brand image is therefore closely linked to the reputation, to the perception that consumers have of the brand.     

The concept of brand identity aims to bring out the brand's personality, its DNA, its essence. It consists in distinguishing it from other brands present on the market. The identity of the brand must not be diluted with consumers in this communication space divided by new products, new markets, new targets. Far from being immutable, the identity of brand is a vector change. It is organized around a fundamental triptych: the vision, the mission, and the promise of the brand.          

The brand mission is an objective declared and displayed by the brand. It describes what the brand wants to bring to consumers and even to society. A strong brand vision and company logo design is not only a long-term benchmark, but also an essential tool for arbitrating the allocation of resources.  

The brand promise is the objective or subjective benefit suggested to consumers. The perception that the individual will have of the reality of this promise will lead them to become involved ambassadors of the brand, inhabited by the ideal it conveys.