Branding describes the shaping and development of a brand, and yet it is so much more. Here you can find out what is behind branding and how it works. 

To stand out positively next to the competition, companies cannot avoid branding. After all, you want to attract customers' attention and put your own services and products such as customised name card printing in the right light. Ideally, you then add messages to your branding that are remembered and consciously arouse certain emotions. 

The Definition 

Branding describes the shaping and development of a brand.  

Sounds simple ... but it can be a long way to implementation. Shaping a brand isn't exactly what you do in a day. There is a lot more to it than that. So let's start from scratch with the definition of branding. One could reasonably think that "branding" is derived from the English "to brand." This would mean setting a brand on the skin of cattle. 

Admittedly, you are not entirely wrong with the translation because it works in the same way with branding in a figurative sense. For companies to literally "get under their skin" with their brand, the "belly" is an added complication. As is well known, this often decides whether something is liked or not as well received. 

Therefore, the brand is what people see and perceive from the company. "Branding" means the shaping and further development to advance a brand ultimately. 

Branding design, therefore, includes the design of logos, posters, advertisements, and everything that can be used to form a brand. Accordingly, it is quite a diverse task that can include various design disciplines and business areas.