Effective E-Marketing: What Is Push Marketing? 

Push Marketing is a very effective way to help target customers. Social networks are equipped with this means, which remains chargeable, for example: 

- Facebook 

- LinkedIn 

- Yahoo 

- Bing 

- Google 

- Amazon. 

They offer a Push Marketing service, which helps its customers target their customers. By offering complex but very fast tools, they effectively target prospects. 

Effective E-Marketing: What Is Pull Marketing? 

Pull Marketing is a participatory tool, which is part of the Internet. It is free and it allows to adapt to consumer behaviour intuitively. 

Pull Marketing is less intrusive than Push, it works better, it brings customers to business sectors, not the other way around, because it respects the private will of the latter.

With this technique, you have to wait for the customer to come to the company and take longer time to notice your brand logo design. As the Inbound Marketing, this marketing technique is more effective than the previous one.