Dribble is a social networking cum self-promotion channel for digital creatives and designers. It is one of the largest platforms that enables designers to share their works and offer graphic design services to those who need them worldwide. To simply put, dribble is the visual Twitter: the designer's Twitter.

Basically, as an artist, you post (or, according to the website, "shoot") designs in the form of images; their followers view the designs such as some adorable sticker printing , comment, and sometimes rebound. Rebound is a term used to describe an action whereby a follower comments a related design to the design in question.  

What holds the overall value of Dribbble together is the self-sustaining concept of idea sharing, which can even get you gigs. Dribbble's homepage is primarily a repository of the most popular designs and arts by its users. And trust me, they always look so great! 

The whole concept of Dribbble revolves around being a social networking platform for designers, but is it really one? 

Dribble as a Social Media

Equality, democracy, and freedom have always been the central concept behind the term "social media." However, Dribbble is more aristocratic than democratic. Compared to Twitter, where you can sign up and start posting, not everyone can post designs on Dribbble. On creating your account, you go by the tag "prospect." After series of actions like interactions, following artists, and you stand a chance to get drafted by a site member, Dribbble will them elevate your tag to a shooter.