Periodically, dribble offered invites to members so they can draft prospects and elevate them to shooters. The main idea behind this concept is quality control, and it seems to be working well for the website, at least for its aesthetics.  

There's more! Once a site member drafts you, you go by the tag "rookie." Subsequently, as you have multiple shots, you'll have a change of status to "All-stars."  

Lastly, let's discuss how to use Dribbble 

How to Use Dribbble as a New Designer

For upcoming designers, the hierarchical system adopted by dribble might become a bit exhausting, so you might not get to enjoy the social aspect of Dribbble. However, note that this semi-exclusive and unique system maintains the quality, beauty, and presentation of the website's images. Hence, in essence, as an artist, you must earn your right to post 

As a budding designer or even a professional, you can use this platform as a source of inspiration. You can browse various projects, colors, and even multiple image-related tags. The idea that you can connect with several artists through their works is very indispensable. Just searching for five artists to follow can significantly influence your perception of art and designs, which will subsequently influence your design creation.  

While you are searching, admiring, and monitoring the All-star ranked designers' works on Dribbble, ensure that you engage by liking the designs and commenting on what you see. These actions will increase your probability of getting drafted. Another way of getting drafted is working on your creations and uploading them on your website for potential drafters. Sharing your name card printing templates is another way to gain more attention among other designers too.