What is influence marketing and how can it be leveraged? 

Influence marketing has quickly found a place of choice among the levers helping companies to gain visibility, fame and the development of their sales. How do we make the most of it? 

Companies seeking to develop their sales and gain in e-reputation on the internet, will use different levers that they will have to work and master simultaneously: 

  • Mastering digital marketing,  
  • Develop influence strategies,  
  • Implement actions in e-marketing,  
  • Develop scenarios using marketing automation,  
  • Use natural referencing by positioning oneself on keywords-strong,  
  • Mastering hashtags on social networks ,  
  • Develop partnerships and collaborations etc...  

All these points combine within companies to improve the digital performance of their actions. Influence marketing then supports the reach of their campaigns.  

Let’s find out what influence marketing is and how it works, its benefits, how to integrate it into its communication and how brands use it.

Influence marketing, is the set of techniques that tend to use the strength of recommendation or prescription of influencers. So it’s sort of the ability to create prescribers or ambassadors for your brand, although there’s still a difference between an influencer and an ambassador. 

In its early days, influence marketing focused primarily on active members of a community or from forums. We were also working with influential bloggers even before social networks gained the upper hand in digital communication. 

In this universe where influence is present on each platform, webmarketing and communication in the broad sense now rely on this lever. Even the community manager works on influential marketing campaigns among his many missions.  

At the center of every influence marketing strategy is the influencer, the new brand prescriber who has become a key player in communication strategies. Thanks to it, companies can significantly increase their sales in a very short time. The implementation of inbound marketing strategies targeting qualified audiences, also succeeds B2B players. 

Among the many available marketing influencers today, we discover a world of stars and stardom where the massive audience plays a sometimes decisive role for brands. The goal is that they get a high level of viral activity in their campaigns... and by extension a significant increase in their sales.  

Thus, with the emergence of a very active generation of influencers on social networks and blogs, influence marketing has become indispensable for communication strategies. It uses digital marketing or community management for social media operations through social media.  

For a company, it means selling, improving its visibility, its brand image and its e-reputation or working on its content marketing by relying on influencers. The targets are multiple, as are the themes through which influencers express themselves. 

Marketers have understood this, they work simultaneously on influence marketing and natural referencing. They gain more effective visibility on social networks and search engines. To do so they integrate influential bloggers who have a proven digital influence and who work on the SEO axis.  

This is not only directed at specific and isolated areas, but for many business sectors where influence marketing helps in the search for visibility.