Ideal Personal Branding 

To be a personal brand means to be perceived as such by others. It is the sum of all experiences that are evoked in others.

That is why the brand is seen as the result of consistent action, a consistent message of values ​​and knowledge, and as the end product of successful personal branding. 

The strategies around personal branding mainly concern the areas of online and brand management, which are about 

  • the real branding 
  • the virtual representation and 
  • clear and authentic communication is possible. 

But in addition to the marketing of external factors, psychologically relevant questions also play a role that has to do with the innermost part of a person, their feelings, and their character.

It defines why a person wants to bring himself out into the public eye and with what content and intentions he plans to do so. The prerequisite for a personal brand is professional competence and good knowledge of yourself as a personality, your expectations, your strengths, and weaknesses. 

A strong "personal brand" means ... 

  • A clear message that conveys ideas and values, 
  • Qualitatively relevant content that inspires other people, 
  • Sustainable and reliable quality of all messages, 
  • Individual style with a unique and clear positioning, 
  • Binding appearance, for example, captivating logo design whether on social media or in society, 
  • Reach in social media, 
  • Good press contacts, 
  • Extroverted and confident demeanor (e.g., as a keynote speaker) and the 
  • Networkability, but also the availability of the person. 
  • In the end, it is still essential that a digital mindset is developed.