Professionally designing web pages using professional typography demands a lot of attention to detail and skills. The entire layout and appearance of the website would depend on the type of font, its size, style, colour, and legibility used.

Professional typography experts come up with many ideas for designing a website, and it is the typography experts who decide what type of fonts should be used, how they should be used and where they should be placed.

All this is determined based on the image that the designer projects and how easily the visitor can understand the text. Many people fail to realize that typography is more than just a fancy label or graphic designed to make a specific page look neat and pretty. 

Balance in Design 

Professional typography experts understand that typography is an art. As such, the designer has to consider several factors before deciding on which font to use for a particular design or concept.

One of the most important factors is size. It is complicated to understand how computer fonts can be read if they are too small or too big. Achieving balance is vital in every aspect of designing.

One has to ensure that the size, typeface, colour, typeface style, weight, contrast, proportion and rhythm are well balanced to have excellent, readable material. 

There are four primary font families, which include the Palatino, Futura, Regular and italic. The printed font family of each is chosen depending on the purpose of the design on your art work like company business card.

If the design is for something that is meant to be read while browsing, the printed font family should be easily readable and not too fancy.

If the design is for something that is intended to be read straight away, then the printed font family should be bold and large enough to provide plenty of space for the texts.

When the design is for something that is to be printed in a document, then the printed font family can be bold and ornate.

The italic font family is often used to provide a lighter touch on the typeface while providing a readable typeface.