We hear a lot about "marketing" and "advertising". But still, some people think that the two words are the same!  

Marketing and advertising are two different concepts that sometimes confuse people because they find it hard to differentiate them. In fact, there are similarities between these two words. Both of them try to alert customers about the products and services being sold. But even there are things in common between the two, they are still different! 

What makes marketing and advertising different? 

Here are the answers!  

1. Let's Start with the Definition 

To find out what makes marketing and advertising different, let's take a look at the definition of these two words first.  

About marketing! 

Marketing is activities or actions to improve the chance for a business to reach its target audience. It is also a way and persuasive communication used to persuade the target audience why they should buy an offer from a specific brand.  

Actually, marketing is quite broad in scope. There are several roles in marketing including gathering and analysing market information, designing and developing products, standardization and valuation, branding, pricing, advertising and promotion, marketing planning, and many more!  

And what about advertising?  

Did you notice in the last paragraph the word advertising was mentioned? In the previous paragraph when we talked about marketing, it was mentioned that one of the roles of marketing is promotion and advertising. So, we can say that advertising is a subsector of marketing. Advertising is a part of the marketing plan to make the offer known to its target audiences!    

2. How Do They Work? 

Actually, at the first point, we know why marketing and advertising are different. But to understand more why they are different, let's move and talk about how marketing and advertising work!  

How does marketing work? 

Since marketing is broad in scope, there is a lot of things to do for it! Here are a few roles and things to do as a marketer. 

  • Marketers conduct market research to gather and analyse a lot of information about potential customers or market, the problem faced by target customers, who will be the competitor, what is the latest trend in the market, and many more things that will be useful to make business easier to reach their target customers. 
  • The result of the research is communicated to advertising and sales professionals by marketers. 
  • Marketers create strategies to inform customers of their offers, remind them of those offers, and persuade their audience to buy those offers. 
  • Etc. 

How does advertising work? 

Advertising is a subsector of marketing. Here are some of the things that advertising does in business! 

  • Advertising creates a campaign that aligns with their target audiences, what they need, and what they want! 
  • Advertisers are responsible for executing advertising plan with other departments. 
  • Etc.    

Based on the two points above, do you think marketing and advertising are still the same?  Hopefully, you are not confused anymore in differentiating marketing and advertising, because both of them have different concepts!