Avoid "Oddities" 

Avoid being a narcist in your business card just to attract attention. It has the potential to backfire easily. The below are the top three priorities: 

  • mindless slogans or puns 
  • Pictures of unicorns or other strange animals 
  • eccentric information about the owner of the company 

Although it can be enticing to stick out by being as exclusive as possible, don't jeopardize the brand's credibility. Often think of the message you want to send. Instead of being gimmicky, try to be genuine. 

It may seem tempting to stand out by being as original as possible, but don't jeopardize your brand integrity in the process. 

The positive news is this: Although well-designed fancy cards garner a lot of attention, some survey findings reveal that the key to the best business card designs is simplicity. 

Simplicity Wins 

Although unique and funky designs can help the company stand out and gain more attention, most people prefer a classic, clean business card. Quality speaks for itself, and by concentrating on the main points, you will produce a card that is both entertaining and easy to read.