One might think that increasing digitization means the end of business cards. On the other hand, online tools now offer us so many design options that we can practically let our cards sing and dance.  

Can a Business Card Really Affect Your Success? What makes a high-quality business card, and how do you and your company attract attention? 

The Art of Positively Standing Out 

It's great to stand out from the crowd. Just make sure you're doing so for the right reasons. Overall, rather than undermining the market name, you want to distinguish yourself positively. 

Dare to look beyond your business card case 

There are a few opportunities to stand out in a card style that is just off the beaten path. Here are a few unique approaches that have already proved to be successful. 

Materials to consider: Due to their uniqueness, respondents recalled business cards made of chocolate, wood, engraved metal, Lego, a can of mint candy, and translucent material particularly well. 

Companies who customized their business cards to their goods or services utilized unusual formats such as blackboards, hearts, kittens, cupcakes, balloons, circles, picture frames, and luggage tags. 

USB pins, fridge magnets, spanners, coasters, and bottle openers have also been used as business cards in the past. An origami business card with flower seeds inside was another style that was recalled fondly. 

Spectacular effects: Glow-in-the-dark and heat-sensitive cards were singled out as incredibly unique. Business cards with subtle effects like gold foil or embossing, on the other hand, is well recalled. 

If it's well-made and the company lends itself to such an innovative approach, a business card like this will surely get you noticed and recognized. If this doesn't sound right with the brand, don't push it. An organization that strives so hard to stand out will quickly come off as desperate in public.