All business owners and entrepreneurs strive daily to find the best marketing strategy to grow their projects. 

Currently, most of them rely on social media platforms and websites but forget that there are some offline tactics that can be of great help. We consider name card stickers to be part of that category. 

They are conventional name cards but with all the benefits of stickers, so they can do a lot for brands and companies. However, many people do not know why they are so effective and if they should use them. 

Do you want to find the answer to those questions? Keep reading this post! 

Reasons Why Name Cards Are Still Very Important. 

Regardless of whether they are traditional or in sticker format, name cards are still important marketing pieces for a variety of reasons. Learn about some of the main ones below: 

When you hand out business cards, you are creating the first impression that many potential customers will have of your brand, business, or yourself. 

They are more personal than emails or digital marketing as they can create a face-to-face link with customers. For example, a handshake upon receipt of a name card creates a much greater impact than any online interaction. That is essential to building lasting business relationships. 

Business cards can become extremely effective marketing tools if they are designed correctly and intelligently. A name card, especially if it is a sticker, is rarely discarded. So they could work for your brand or business even weeks or months after you've handed out them to the public. 

They show that both you and your project are professional and take business seriously. If someone asks you for a name card and you are not prepared to give it to them, you will seem like a hobbyist with little experience in the industry. 

Good namecard go person to person. People share the cards or stickers with their contacts and colleagues when they make a good impression. If yours are smart, creative, well designed, and well printed, you can get a lot of references. 

They are excellent value for money as they are affordable but can meet their objectives without problems. You can produce hundreds of name card stickers cheaply compared to other marketing strategies.