Do you know what wallpaper is? The word had become very popular in recent years, especially when technological devices began to gain popularity. 

We can all say that they are those images that we usually put on our screens to give them more fun, personalized or cheerful look. However, there is much more we need to know about it. 

Designing wallpapers has become an essential part of brands and companies that want to make merchandising to win customers or increase their sales. But what should we take into account when creating our own? 

Keep reading this post and know the technical details that you cannot forget when designing wallpapers. 

Device resolution. 

The wallpapers of the digital age - no, we are not talking about the ones we used to decorate the walls of the rooms - are created to be used on technological devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. 

Therefore, in order to create the perfect wallpaper, there are two mandatory criteria that we must always keep in mind: the resolution and the matching aspect ratio. 

We all want some quality, right? That is why we all bet on a sufficiently high resolution. In these cases, if you plan to use the wallpapers in your company, it is essential to find out what types of monitors are used in the departments. 

That information will help you learn about monitor resolutions and special features that may require specific technical details on your wallpaper sticker printing design. Knowing the devices where the wallpapers will be used allows you to create the appropriate ones. 

And if you are a business owner, this is your chance to give employees the best desktop wallpaper for their office PC.