Postcard printing is still an available service in printing shops in this digital era because it still works. 

No matter how outdated it sounds, a postcard is still quite an effective way to market. What's great about it is that it is affordable and easy to do. 

If you are facing difficulties in deciding what kind of traditional marketing tool that you should use to save up marketing budget, then you can surely consider printing postcards. 

Before you print, however, remember that there are some preparations that need to be made, especially in the designing step. 

So, here are some important tips that you should consider to get the best postcard results upon printing. 

1. Card Stock 

You will be printing your postcard on card stock that you can personally choose. Card stock qualities vary depending on their weight. Heavier card stocks are thicker, thus more durable and of course more expensive as well. 

The tips that we can give you is to allocate your money for more expensive card stock or one that has better quality than average. Card stock may seem like a simple thing, but it can affect the quality of your postcard greatly. With a higher quality card stock, you will be able to print more appealing postcards that have a higher chance of success compared to average quality ones. 

2. Promote One Thing at a Time 

Yes, you probably have more than one thing to promote or have a lot of things to say. 

But be patient, don't try to stuff everything into your postcard. Since a postcard is a small marketing tool, it doesn't really have a lot of space to type in. That's why you have to be really smart in arranging your words and at the same time able to prioritize what is important to be included in the design. 

It is best that you promote one thing at a time instead of trying to do two or more because it will only stuff the appearance of your postcard and make your readers get confused. 

3. Typeface 

An interesting choice of wordings or copy for your postcard is essential, but so is the typeface or choice of font. It affects the attractiveness and effectiveness of the postcard printing as well. 

A postcard should come off as bold and noticeable so that your message can be delivered successfully to your target audience without fail. 

The font or typeface of your choice must be simple and easy to read but at the same time look intriguing enough so that people won't dismiss it too early. 

4. CTA 

CTA or call to action is a sentence that is absolutely critical in marketing. Without a CTA, it will be difficult to get people to do what you need them to do. A call to action is a persuasive sentence that leads people to do an action that you want to do, for example, to call to make a purchase, to send an email, visit your store, and many more. So, never forget to include a strong and effective CTA at the end of your postcard.