A rubber stamp is one of the essentials when it comes to office work. Not only that it is beneficial for common day to day desk tasks, but it is also important for a more formal occasion, such as authorizing and authenticating documents that are to be released from the company or organization so that it can confirm its originality and show that the company takes responsibility regarding what's written on the document. This is important to exude professionality and propriety as you conduct business and try to build a good business relationship. 

Either for office work such as organizing papers, for authorizing or authenticating documents, or simply for creative purposes, you have to come up with a proper design. Aside from the design itself, there are still several other things to consider so that you can create a satisfactory rubber stamp that can perform its job well. 

Without further ado, here they are. 

1. Stamp Type 

Rubber stamp simply means that it is a stamp that is made from rubber. However, there are a few different types of handles and even the mechanism of rubber stamps in this era. For example, the most common and traditional one would be a wooden stamp where the rubber is carved with the design of the stamp and then gets attached to a wooden handle. For this type of stamp, plastic can also be a substitute material. This stamp requires a separate ink pad to work. There are also self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps where they don't require a separate ink pad. Rather, they already have an ink reservoir installed. They are usually made of plastic and are quite lightweight. 

2. Stamp Shape 

Stamps can come in many different shapes. Commonly, stamps are either rectangular or rounded for formal purposes. However, it really can adjust to the shape of your logo, even if it is a free shape. As long as it isn't too intricate, most likely it can be produced. Some experienced and reputable stamp manufacture shops can even produce difficult designs. Just make sure you can create it well on the design software and have it handed to the manufacturer. 

3. Stamp Size 

Ask yourself what purpose do you want to use your rubber stamp for. Do you need it to be large? Or do you need it to be small? It all depends on the uses of the stamp. For leaving impressions on documents, it only needs to come in average size. However, for other types of uses, such as stamping parcels or packages, then you will need to manufacture a larger stamp. So consider it well. 

4. Ink Color 

Stamps most often come with either blue, red, black, or purple ink. Depending on the use of the rubber stamp, you should carefully choose the ink color that you will want to use. It is easier to change for wooden or plastic stamps that require a separate ink pad. But for self-inking or pre-inked stamps, it will be harder to change if you are not satisfied with your ink color. So make sure that the color suits the purpose. 

5. High-Quality Manufacture 

It may cost more, but it is worth the cost. Make sure that you find a good rubber stamp manufacturer that can produce stamps in high quality so that it can be more durable and it can last a long time.