Companies are run by people. Today, it is common for employees or executives to talk about the company or the products on the internet in companies or projects.  

It means people come to the fore. This is exactly what personal branding is all about. 

Personal branding helps share your own messages, ideas, thoughts, and visions and successfully communicate your personality, skills, and achievements to the outside world. Everyone has the chance to realize themselves and to gain a reputation in their field. 

The goal is to make your own person visible and enhance it: A “personal brand” becomes interesting for business partners, employers, and employees.

At the same time, the brand contributes to a higher appreciation of the unique environment. For example, a company benefits when employees are perceived as solid personalities (corporate influencers).  

Personal Branding Branch 

The topic is gaining in importance, especially for managers. 

A distinction is made as follows: 

  • Personal branding: People who position themselves as a brand. 
  • Corporate Influencer: Companies that want to have an impact on social media with their employees. Corporate influencers are also the people who set values ​​and inspire colleagues to work in a value-oriented manner. 
  • Social CEO: Executives who are active in social media. 
  • Employer Branding: Companies that present themselves as attractive employers. 

Because we prefer to follow people rather than brands, the focus is on people. With a clear profile, for example having an attractive logo design, an unmistakable identity with recognition value can be created, which can be conveyed to the outside world with a lot of personality and authenticity. 

In this way, you win over others and find better access to your own performance, personal characteristics, and goals.

With personal branding, entertainment is not in the foreground, but constant work on yourself, your own person, your own strengths and weaknesses.