Personal Branding with Social Media 

Many people hardly think about their strengths. But we are primarily aware of our own weaknesses because we experience them every day. But today, you sell your strengths better than ever.  

That is why social media is so essential for personal branding to reach many people and convince them of their peculiarities: Make sure that you use sympathetic communication behavior and open-minded rhetoric to convince people of yourself.  

Your own presence in social media can be a decisive success factor. Provided you know how to use the channels properly. Because basic forms of politeness do not stop at social networks, it is essential to differentiate between the various networks.  

Where do I stay, and how do I want to present myself? In professional networks such as LinkedIn or Xing, it is advisable to shift from a casual tone you use on Facebook. Authenticity is paramount.  

Nevertheless, one should always ask oneself before each post: How do I want others to interact with myself? Think about it first and become aware of the effect of your words.

In that case, you can use social networks as a multiplier for your message and skillfully position yourself as a personality in public.  With the use of internet, there is no need to issue flyer printing to promote yourself anymore.