Editorial Optimization of the Website 

SEO service includes a website's content. To send positive signals to Google, Bing, and Co., they must be written simply and understandably. The expert, therefore, checks, for example, 

  • whether sentences are not too long, 
  • the relevant keywords appear in the texts and 
  • the text structure contains paragraphs and headings. 

In addition, the consultant checks whether the website needs additional content. For this, he or she checks whether 

  • further texts, 
  • Pictures and videos 
  • or other contents such as podcasts are in demand with the target group. 
  • Optimization of the external image 
  • Whether current branding products such as company logo design are still relevant

SEO consultants don't just focus on the website itself in their job. They also review how a company is doing outside of the website. Mentions in media such as newspapers and magazines and reviews on rating portals can increase the value of a website so that Google records them as ranking points. 

Do Companies Need An SEO Consultant? 

SEO consulting makes sense for companies that want to build up internal resources and know-how to optimize their site themselves in the future and win customers. 

Companies can opt for a single SEO consultant or a marketing agency that provides them with the right specialist. The advantage of an SEO agency is that companies often have not just a single consultant but a whole team of experts at their side. 

Companies with their online marketing department can thus work out for themselves which SEO measures work best for them do not need a marketing agency or SEO advice. As a rule, however, only large companies have the capacity and budget to do this.