3. They Should Be Able To Write Correctly 

While content creation has recently taken in a broader meaning, the imaginative articulation of information remains a critical component of public relations.

As a result, the position of a digital PR manager necessitates above-average writing skills. As a boss, you should express your ideas and stories in the most imaginative, flawless, concise, and precise manner possible.  

4. They Should Be Able To See The Bigger Picture 

The ultimate aim of public relations is to place a corporation or agency on the right track to success. While it's simple to get lost in public relations' social environment, it's important not to lose sight of your managerial position in the company's profitability.

Before taking action, a successful digital PR manager can determine whether the desired outcome contributes to the business or a firm's growth. 

5. They Should Be Honest 

As a manager, it's important to be honest at all times to maintain a positive image on your brand logo design. Make sure that your comments address the issue at hand in the most detailed and comprehensive way possible, without obfuscating anything.

Keep in mind that great leaders are never afraid to speak the truth because they should be able to lay good examples to others.  

Final Thoughts  

As public relations evolve, digital PR managers must have all these skills and expertise to have an excellent chance of succeeding.

Although the list above does not cover all of the criteria for a good digital PR manager, it is an excellent place to start if you want to set up well-standardized PR for startup companies.