Having an eye-catching name card for your firm or organization, either new or existing one, is highly recommended because it conveys brief or concise information about your business and what you offer that you want to linger in your prospective customer's memories, either new or old, and it enhances their patronage of your brands. 

The fact is that your name card is a crucial part of your branding; it should contain a proper visual design that will portray your brand's intention. This means you cannot just jump or dive into making your name card. 

This article will guide you to have a clear understanding of everything you need to know about designing perfect name cards for your brands.

Here are some tips that will help you to know what exactly you want :  

What Do You Want To Offer?  

The first thing you need to know is what exactly you want to offer, what kind of brand or service?

What do you want the name card to say about it? How do you want the name card designs to display your business ideas?  

After you have been able to provide a deep answer to the above questions, then you now think of the next step.  

Determine Your Logo and Colour. 

After you have decided on what your brand intended to offer, the next step is to determine what will be your brand logo and the colour.

Your brand logo design must be at the centre stage of your name card. If the logo is unique and the colour is eye-catching, it will influence and differentiate your brand's identity. 

Decide On The Shape and Size. 

What your brand wants to offer and the logo and colour you choose will have a great influence on the size and shape of your name card.

And this most times depends on the general standard of your locality or the industry you are into so that the looks of your name card will make it stand out rather than hurt your business.