Determine Your Details and Typography 

After choosing your card shape, cutting and size, the next is to determine what information you are putting on it, such as company name, job title, phone number, email address, website URL, social media, address, motto, or slogan, etc.

Then you decide on what will be your text characters such as text size, font, and colours, putting legibility and the limited space into consideration. 

Review Your Name Card Template 

The next is to review the template to ascertain if it matches what you want.

The logos, colour of the card and the eligibility of the text on it, the size, shape, and the cutting. You can easily make the necessary changes or adjustments if needed.  

Choose Your Designer or Printing Materials 

After you have reviewed your card name design template and you have considered it to be printed.

The next is to look for a good printer and printing materials that can add value and special effects to your design template; perhaps you are printing by yourself.

But if otherwise, choose a professional designer, explain carefully what your brand or service is all about, your eye-catching logo design, colour, and other vibes. A professional designer will turn your template into reality and create a perfect card name for you.