Are you considering to get an easel stand? There is more than one type of easel stand that you can choose and surely it gets you wondering about which one to get for you. 

Don't worry, we'll guide you through it. 

Before you make your choice, make sure that you really know what is your preference when working; for example, whether do you prefer working outdoors or indoors or whether you are required to move from places to places every now and then. Also, think about the medium that you often use as well as the canvas size of your preference. These affect the decision of easel stand that is best for you. 

All in all, easel stand helps you work more comfortably. With an easel stand, you can have a better working posture and keep dangers away from your painting. With an easel stand, you can also easily observe your work from a distance which is difficult to do if you are working on your table. You can see better perspectives and even feel more motivated by using an easel stand. 

So, without further ado, here are the types of popular easel stands for your considerations: 

1. Convertible Easel Stand 

The convertible easel stand is the type of easel stand that is perfect for versatile artists who work with several different types of mediums. This easel stand can be changed or shifted from the standard upright easel stand to a horizontal tabletop easel stand in several easy steps. Not only that it can be used both upright and on the tabletop, this type of easel stand also adjusts to various different sizes of canvases easily. 

2. Giant Easel Stand 

This is a specific type of easel stand that is great for artists who work with extra large sized canvases. This type of easel stand can hold about 90-120 inches tall canvases. Since it is required to work with giant canvases, it is made out of durable material that is very sturdy to ensure comfort during work. This type of easel stand is definitely costly, but if you are working with extraordinary size canvases, then you absolutely need to get this one. 

3. H-frame Easel Stand 

Seeking for a more common sized easel stand with extra sturdiness? H-frame easel is the one that you should get. This easel stand resembles the letter H and can hold small to large sized canvases, and it is really sturdy. The downside of this type of easel stand is that it is not easy to transport or bring to places because it is heavy. 

4. A-frame Easel Stand 

If you need a more lightweight type of easel stand, then this one is for you. It is less sturdy than the H-frame easel, but it can definitely be carried easily, folded, and stored without problems. If you like to sometimes go outside to work on your painting, this type of easel stand is great. Try to find one that has a storage box to carry your painting supplies for extra convenience.