Producing quality, original content on a regular basis is not always easy, especially if you are on a tight budget. There are many ways to promote your brand on Instagram, it's up to you to choose the one that's right for you. 

Think About Balancing Your Posts. 

Marketing on Instagram comes first and foremost through images! Although it is possible to write rather long texts, they are however not adapted to the format of the feed of the application nor to the smartphones on which your publications will be viewed.

So, choose a short caption, with a short description or a short, humorous phrase. The hashtags have also a strong marketing value on Instagram: they determine the potential popularity of your publication.

Use them wisely by inserting them either in the text itself or at the end of your caption (but in this case sparingly).  

Otherwise, create relevant content that conveys a message, tells a story, or is useful to people who follow your posts. 

Compared to other media, the added value for the customer is of course very different on Instagram: here we are dealing with something more ephemeral compared to a blog article.

Once you integrate this data, you will constantly find new situations that encourage photo-taking.  

But always ask yourself before posting what your goals are, what reactions you want to elicit and what aspects of your brand are appreciated by your customers.

Don't think of Instagram as a direct selling tool, but as an instrument to build customer loyalty, attract the attention of new customers and improve sympathy for your brand. 

Choose Your Pictures Carefully 

If you post a new image each time with the words "New post online on our blog!" Not only will you annoy your followers, but you will also destroy the enormous potential of marketing through Instagram. 

It may, however, be wise to mention your various portals or blogs from time to time. Food bloggers are setting an example by posting photos of their latest creations, along with a link to the recipe featured on their blog.

Considering Instagram as a simple adjuvant channel for the distribution of already existing content cannot benefit from this application. 

So, what should you photograph if your offer is about a "service"? Even if your product or brand only has something abstract to offer, you can still pique your followers' curiosity and get their attention. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from the big names in a given sector: more and more companies are nowadays on Instagram.