Create Stories 

Stories have the power of improving your communication. Indeed, unlike your photos or videos which only stay topical for a very short time, stories allow you to communicate more repeatedly.

Thanks to original and creative content, they arouse the interest of your audience by creating emotion and curiosity.

So do not deprive yourself of using all the features of Instagram: emojis, gifs, filters or hashtags 

You can choose to use stories to communicate about an event or to share a product demonstration.

Feel free to add polls or countdowns that will allow you to engage your subscribers more. 

Using Instagram Direct 

Instagram Direct offers you the possibility of exchanging content with other users through private messages. So, your photos and videos don't appear in the News Feed, but in a specific user's inbox.

It's a good way to get in touch with your subscribers. However, you cannot be the originator of the first message, it is necessary that it is the subscriber who initiates the contact.  With the use of the internet, you don't have to disturbute flyer printing to promote your brand anymore.