Stickers are kinds of labels that could be on a piece of printed paper or any other material with pressure-sensitive glue on one side. They are used for various purposes, mostly for decoration or for practical purposes, depending on the circumstance. 

They appear in several different shapes and sizes and also differ widely in color and design. They often cling to items such as paper, lockers, notebooks, automobiles, doors, and so on. 

Let's assume a world without stickers. It's as if the world might not be fun as it is today because stickers are part of our daily lives. Most people use stickers for fun, especially on social media platforms like WhatsApp, where many people share stickers with their friends daily just to catch some cruise and to make the chats lively. Also, many people have their favorite stickers that they use to express themselves indirectly if they are unable to express themselves directly.  

Stickers can also be used for advertisement. Many firms are now using stickers to promote their brands because a lot of people are familiar with stickers. They can be placed on products to describe qualities of the products that would not be evident from simple examination. They have proven to be effective to many firms to the extent these firms spend a lot of money to get quality stickers for their brands. 

Stickers can also be placed on invitation cards for occasional ceremonies, such as wedding ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, and so on. They have a way of enticing people to the occasions, especially when they are well designed and created.  

Stickers placed on vehicle bumpers, which are often called bumper stickers, are used by individuals to demonstrate consent for political or ideological purposes. Identification of vehicle registration and last service details are two varieties of stickers you can spot on most car windscreens' interior.  

Stickers are also used for magnifying scrapbooking excerpts. Typical examples of stickers sold for this reason include 3D stickers, cardstock stickers, fabric stickers, among many others. 

They are also often publicized as part of promotional and political crusades; for instance, in many voting districts in most countries, stickers indicating an individual has voted are given to each voter as they leave the polling unit an indication to others to vote. Bystanders may clap hands or otherwise commend a good sticker printing


Stickers have gone a long way across the globe to the extent many people see them as part of their daily lives. Merely thinking about how the world would be without stickers feels absurd. Stickers are worth embracing based on their uses and how it affects the world.  

In this article, some of its applications were outlined to back up the claim on how the world would be if there are no stickers. This shows how essential they are in this period. Since it emerged, many people have been embracing it up to date.