A common seal is familiarly known to be used in the office, mostly for formal purposes which are to authorize the issue or release of a formal document from the company. A common seal may not be mandatory, but a lot of companies still order it and choose to use it because it holds a number of benefits.

When a company has a common seal, it can act as the official signature of the corporation that represents the decision of the entire company. The use of a common seal is done or granted by the company's director. Since it is very important, the use of a common seal needs to always be recorded.

Back in the day, the use of a common seal to authorize documents was mandatory, meaning that the document can't get approved without the mark of a common seal along with the signature of the company's director. However, laws changed in many countries, and the use of a common seal no longer becomes an obligation. A document can now be authorized simply with the signature of the company's director. This makes the importance of a common seal watered down. Even so, many businesses still choose to use it because it makes the process of document authorization look more properly done.

Then, how to acquire a common seal? Well, it is quite simple. You only have to design it and hand the design over to a common seal manufacturer so that it can get processed. However, you have to make sure that you are able to fulfill the basic requirement for a valid common seal. A common seal can only be regarded as valid if it includes the registration number of the company. This number can only be obtained if you have already registered your business with the government. If you haven't, then you definitely should get your company registered first. Only then you can make the request for a common seal to a manufacturer.

If you already have a registration number, then you can have a common seal that is valid. After handing in the design of the common seal, all you have to do is wait for everything to be done by the manufacturer. The process of common seal making usually only takes a couple of working days. Some can even get it done within a day.

It is quite a simple process. There are two metal plates that need to get attached to a handle so that it can work to sandwich a piece of paper and leave an embossed mark on it. The pieces of metal are carved with a machine according to the design that is submitted. Ideally, a common seal’s design includes the company’s logo and the registration number, and that’s it. It is important to keep it simple. After getting the two metals attached to a handle, it is pretty much done.

If you are getting one for your company, make sure that you get a common seal that is of good quality so that it can last a long time.