There's no telling the number of website owners that do not know when they need to redesign their websites. Sure, websites can be quite helpful and advantageous to owners, but some facets of website ownership require ample routine management. 

Redesigning your website can invariably pass as a page management routine, but how does one determine when exactly this redesign needs to be done.  

When the website traffic is reduced over time: This is a good sign that your website needs to be redesigned as soon as possible. The reduction in website traffic ultimately means that you are not getting as many visitors to your website as you used to. This could result from a lot of things, ranging from bad publicity to poor search engine optimization, but a good way to begin your troubleshooting is to redesign the website. You can seek the services of a graphic marketing agency for this since this aspect has to do with web traffic. This will change your website's outlook to become appealing to visitors. 

When your website takes time to load: The average loading time of a good website is three seconds. If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you are bound to lose traffic. Your site speed is a vital part of your site management, and by all means, you must try to make it as fast as you can. The first way to do this is by redesigning your website. Redesigning can include erasing some bugs that have gathered over time. These bugs are responsible for the slow site speed your site visitors experience.  

When rebranding: Another perfect time to redesign your website will be when you are rebranding generally. You will be going through some major changes as a brand during this period, including but not limited to change of brand name, change of brand logo, change of brand trademark. With all these changes bound to occur, it will be foolhardy of you not to make some changes to your website, including changes along the lines of website font, colors, and many more. Redesigning your website totally with your brand's new representation will be ideal. 

User Experience: Your website could use some redesigning when you wish to improve your site user experience. Poor user experience could include difficulty in site navigation, the inability of users to locate desired content, search bar dysfunctionality, comment section glitches, and many more. Some of these problems could be solved with proper website coding, but most of them could be resolved by redesigning the website. If you have a good feedback rate from users or you have website beta users, they can point out some of these problems with user experience, and you can go ahead to solve them. 

These are four of the most important times to initiate a website redesign. You should also note that redesigning your website does not necessarily mean deleting the old and creating a whole new website; it simply means going to the back end of your existing website and editing a few crucial details in order to improve your site's general performance.