Installing wallpaper will completely transform your home and give it a unique look. And, thanks to talented designers and the Internet, finding trendy wallpaper has always been more straightforward.

There are several nice, high-quality wallpaper options available online, including temporary options that can be quickly removed, allowing tenants to decorate their walls as well.  

If you are searching for amazing wallpapers, this article will guide you in informing you where to get them. Let's have a look at the various stores where you can get wallpapers below. 

1. Minted 

Minted is one of the places that you should think of when planning to get the wallpaper. Since Minted's wallpapers are technically murals, it precisely makes them so appealing. If you like, you can use one large picture to cover the entire wall. They're also detachable, making them ideal for tenants.  

2. Luly & Georgia  

Lulu & Georgia is an excellent source for trendy furniture and just about everything else for your home, including wallpaper. There are 92 different patterns to choose from on the web, ranging from cool illustrations to creative florals.  

3. Flavor Paper 

Flavor Paper has many funky choices if you are looking for something exceptional for your walls. Hundreds of hand-screened and digitally printed patterns are available from the Brooklyn-based wallpaper business. For some designs, they even have a scratch and sniff feature. 

4. Jungalow 

Jungalow is a great place to go if you are looking for vibrant wallpaper with a fun pattern. The retailer's curated collection includes icons of positive energy such as plants, hamsas, and the sun in each design.  

5. Spoonflower  

Spoonflower is a fantastic place to shop for custom-printed wallpaper. Not only are there over 7,000 custom designs to choose from, but you can also create your own. It gives you access to your wallpaper in your home if you are an artist or know someone who can make a template for you.  

6. Etsy  

If you are looking for something special, Etsy will almost certainly have it. A quest for wallpaper on the web yields over 160,000 results, including both removable and permanent choices in nearly every style imaginable.  

7. Mitchell Black 

Mitchell Black offers more than 300 custom-printed designs. You have the option of using temporary peel-and-stick vinyl or pre-pasted Paper. There are several options for transforming your gallery, ranging from beach scenes to colorful geometric and abstract patterns.  

8. Chasing Paper  

If you are looking for a wide range of graphic wallpaper that is removable, then you should be heading to Chasing Paper. Not only can you shop by pattern and color, but browsing through the brand's entire collection, which is arranged like a rainbow, is also a lot of fun.  

9. Graham & Brown 

Graham & Brown website has nearly 800 wallpapers to choose from, and you can shop by paint, pattern, room, and the site's top picks in various categories. With so many choices, it's difficult not to find something you like.  

10. Wallpaper Direct  

There are over 17,000 wallpapers to choose from at Wallpaper Direct, and they come in any style you can imagine, from more conventional choices to abstract, watercolor designs.