Colors can communicate too. While trying out different shades from a scheme to pick the perfect one for your logo, there are some things that you should pay attention to. This is not an easy task to do because there are a lot of options to choose from, but these are some tips on what colors would suit best with your brand for the purpose of causing a great first impression on your costumers!  

Not only the font but the colors you chose and the elements that you use to create the design of your brand will probably tell a lot about your business to all the potential new customers out there. Printing stickers with bright and shiny colors could influence people’s perception of your brand, so which ones should you use to pique their curiosity? 

1. White 

It all comes down to how we perceive colors. We tend to associate white with purity and simplicity, which would balance out your design if you wanted to add another color too. Combining white with a strong color such as red, blue, or even green to make the typography or images stand out even more on printed stickers! 

2. Yellow 

This color encourages customers to buy whatever your business is selling by evoking feelings of confidence and happiness.  For example, McDonald’s uses both yellow and red on their logo and it makes us feel like we will feel happier once we buy their food. It takes all our attention right away and no one can deny it! 

3. Red 

Yes, we associate this color with romance, passion and sometimes we could relate it to anger. Red is powerful but it is also commonly used in marketing because it catches customers’ eyes immediately. It is fairly used on Christmas and Valentine’s Day and it works amazing next to neutral colors such as black or white too. 

4. Green 

We link green to nature, peace or feelings of relaxation and harmony. You probably have seen this being used by eco-friendly or healthy food brands, but green it is also the visual representation of wealth and money. If your business is related to any of these industries, then it would fit perfectly on your logo! 

5. Blue  

Most social media apps have some sort of blue shade on their logo. Using this color may be a safe bet for brands because we connect it with calmness, security, and confidence. Using blue on your logo would not only look amazing on your sticker printing but it is also a great choice considering it is used by trustworthy companies such as Facebook and Twitter.