How can you celebrate your wedding moment with others without giving them wedding invitations?    

A wedding card is a way to let people know that you want them to celebrate your wonderful moment together. But today, since we live in a digital era, the form of the invitation evolves. That is why, we can find two forms of wedding invitation cards, namely printed invitation cards and digital invitation cards. 

But, since there is more than one form of invitation, which one should we use?  

Maybe a few information below will help you decide which one is better to choose!  

Printed Invitations 

This is the traditional form of invitation card that is still widely used and popular now. But why do people choose it? Here are a few reasons why!  

1. More Formal 

Compared to digital invitations, printed invitations have a more formal impression. That is why people still prefer to have printed invitations especially if they want to send them to someone they respect such as their boss or their old teacher.    

2. More People Have Home Addresses than Email Addresses 

Yes, we live in a digital era when many people use cell phones and have email addresses. But what about your grandparents? Do they have an email address and understand how the internet works? 

Even though technology and the internet are two things that are part of our lives today, not everyone is familiar with them. Older people are usually not very skilled or even confused about the use of social media, email, or other things related to the internet. That is why there are still many people who prefer printed invitation cards as there are more people who have home addresses, instead of email addresses.  

3. Can Be Collected and Displayed 

One of the benefits of using printed invitation cards is that this card can be collected or displayed in the frame to be hanged on the wall. Sometimes, a couple or their family members want to do this thing.    

Why Digital Invitation? 

After knowing some of the reasons why people prefer to use printed invitations, now, let's now discuss why people want to use digital invitations. Here are some of the reasons! 

1. Save More Money 

Digital invitations don't require you to print your invitation design. That is the big difference between the printed invitation and the digital ones. Do you know what that means? That means you can save the budget for printing your invitation because once you choose to create digital invitations, you can skip the printing process.   

2. Less Paper 

Since you don't need to print the invitation, you don't need to use paper for that. So, besides being more economical, you can also save more paper for invitations.   

3. Easy to Send 

Digital invitations can be sent via email or social media. That is another benefit of using digital invitations. Again, you can save your budget for that!    

Those are just a few reasons why people choose digital or printed invitations. In the end, everything will depend on you! But you can also choose both of the invitations. For instance, you can use printed invitations as a way to formally invite people. But for guests who live in other cities or countries, you can send them digital invitations because the process of sending the printed invitation will take a lot of time and money.