Are you looking for a printing service or company? Which one are you looking for? Offset printing or digital printing? 

If we talk about printing, you must have heard about digital printing or offset printing before. Or is this your first time knowing both or one of them?  

Digital and offset printing are two of the many printing methods that are popular now. Both of them are not the same! Because of that, if you are looking for a printing service or company, you need to know what makes the two methods differ to choose the printing method that works best for you. 

So, to help you make the best decision, you need to know more about the difference between the two printing methods first. Here are some of the different things about them!    

1. How Do They Work? 

So, to find out more about offset and digital printing, let's begin by knowing how these two printing methods work 

Offset printing is one of the conventional printing methods using wet ink that works by transferring an inked image from a plate to a rubber sheet, then to the printing surface such as paper, vinyl, or others.  

Digital printing is a modern printing method that prints electronic files onto various media. Digital printing does not use the same ink as offset printing, because it uses toner or dry ink. Plates are not required in digital printing as it uses electrostatic rollers to apply toner and add colour to the surface.  

2. Price and Quantity 

Next, we will talk about the price and quantity of both methods. 

Want to print in large quantities? Then you should consider digital printing since the more quantities you make, the cheaper the price that you should pay. Even though you will need to invest some money in plate making early in the process, you will find that it is much more economical to print large quantities with offset printing than using digital printing. 

Want to print a single document? Then forget to think about offset printing. Printing small to medium quantities can be more expensive with offset printing instead of digital printing. Why? Because you need to invest in the plate making process first. Because of that, it is not a good idea to only use the plates several times as it will be wasted once the printing process is complete! So, if you want to print in small to medium quantities, digital printing is a better choice for you! 

3. Speed 

Digital and offset printing have different speeds in processing documents. Here are the details! 

Digital printing is the best alternative if you are in a hurry! Why? Because you don't have to wait to make the plates. That is why, with digital printing, you can even finish your business card in only a few minutes.  

Offset printing is not a good choice if you need to get your job done as soon as possible. But, if you want to print documents without variable information and in a long print run, then offset printing is a perfect option for you! 

Those are only a few of many more things that make offset and digital printing different. Hopefully, that can help you to figure out the difference between the two printing methods and determine which method is best for you!