Step 1: Make Your Choices 

Find all of your photos from this year. Search your phone, computer, social media profiles, and photo albums. Don't worry too much about which ones to sort out and which ones not to. Just choose the photos you like right away. 

Step 2: Which Photos Make You Smile? 

Now comes the fun part. Which photos make you laugh or grin? These pictures will be shortlisted. 

Step 3: Which Recordings Can You Sort Out? 

Now you can be critical. Is everyone easily recognizable in your photos? Which of your favorite photos are blurry? Do you already have similar photos in your collection? You can sort out all these pictures without worry. In the end, you should have around 1-4 photos. 

Step 4: What Design Would You Like? 

Now you know which photos to use. All that's missing is the design for your Christmas invitation card printing. Is your image in portrait or landscape format? Would you like to put together a collage? Which colors match your photo? In a nutshell, look for a design that will make your photos shine.