Step 5: Finally, the Personal Touch 

The individual design of your chirstmas invitation card printing makes it unique. You can do this in some ways.  

Christmas stamps with star or snowflake motifs are very popular. You could add some glitter or draw a tiny Christmas tree or snowman.  

You are also welcome to write a description under the photo, when, and where it was taken. The bottom line is to bring joy to the person you are sending your personalized Christmas card to. Enthusiasm is inevitable! 

Christmas Cards for Employees 

Your employees form the backbone of your company. This year you faced numerous challenges - be it new safety regulations or a higher workload - and your employees always stood behind you and your company. 

Show them how much you appreciate their efforts with a small gift and a personal card. When it comes to Christmas cards for your employees, use an authentic tone that shows that your words come from the heart. 

Here are a few examples of Christmas greetings that you can use to score points with your employees: 

Happy Holidays & thank you very much / What would we be without you? / A big thank you to the best team in the world. 

A big thank you for the celebration / for your commitment in these difficult times. What would we be without you? / Many thanks to our great team [company name] 

A happy and healthy festival / Thank you for your commitment. We particularly appreciate the performance of our team in these times. / Your colleagues at [company name] 

From your colleagues at [company name] / How good that you exist. Thank you very much for your commitment. We wish you a healthy and happy new year!