Before going any further, do you know what advertising is? Advertising is a notification to the public regarding a good or service belonging to an organization or company. Advertising is to persuade people to be interested in and buy the products or services offered. Some elements make up an advertisement, namely images, motion, and sound. The three of them work together to describe the products/services offered concisely and clearly. Here are the things that make advertising important to your company's success in achieving its goals. 

1. Important for the Customer 

The presence of advertisements in various media such as television, web, newspapers, magazines, or other media, is important to simplify your consumer's affairs. With the presence of advertisements in various media, consumers will be informed about the presence of a product or service that they might need. It is necessary to have the same slice of interest between the seller of the product/service and the buyer of the product/service. That way, they will reach out and buy the product or service you offer. 

2. Need to be Done for the Business Owner  

Business owners must think about things related to branding and marketing, namely advertising. Why is that? This is because advertising plays an important role in terms of marketing and branding of the products/services you have. Also, these activities aim to increase engagement, awareness, and sales. Hence, an organization or company needs to carry out advertisements. 

3. It Shapes Society 

Our society is formed with various elements that support the smooth running of economic mobilization. The element of economic activity runs because of the sale and purchase transaction activities. And this transaction will not run if there is no buying and selling process. One of the things that drive the buying and selling transaction process is the existence of buyers and sellers who need each other. The seller introduces his product through advertisements, the advertisement is seen by consumers, then consumers buy the products/services offered to meet their needs. The seller/organization/company will also be known if they have a good reputation. 

4. Helps You Compete and Adapt 

Someone who does economic activity and acts as a provider of products/services must know this clearly. They will continue to innovate on their products so that they continue to develop following the needs of people who change over time. To stay relevant, they also have to adapt to advances in technology and the lifestyle of society. Companies need to have high resilience to deal with things like this. A risk awareness culture needs to be applied at every line in an organization/company engaged in this field. There will be competition which requires the organization/company to be able to adapt, innovate and develop properly. It needs good synergy from internal companies to maintain the legacy of the company. 

5. Place and Medium to Put Ads 

The choice of place and medium to place ads is also very important to be done carefully and with full consideration. It is necessary to consider the target audience, where they are often located. For example, today the level of our interaction with social media or smartphone screens is generally very high. Therefore, the consideration of using online ads on various platforms can also be an option. Consider the above carefully and good luck!